Total investment of 7 billion 500 million yuan Beichuan River project has begun to take shape

Gully, leveling landscape Avenue, the construction of resettlement housing…… Public concern for the Beichuan River comprehensive treatment project construction site, the roar of the machine, a project in order, a be in full swing scene. In order to implement "the people of Qinghai as soon as possible but also a clear mother river", the beginning of 2010, the province of relentless efforts in comprehensive control project on the Beichuan River, after 5 years of construction, the whole project has begun to take shape. Recently, the reporter visited the progress of the project found that the important node of the project has been through the river flood water, six inland lake excavation has been basically completed, the resettlement of the housing has been built in the end of this year, the end of this year will be fully checked in 3900.

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