Road passenger transport network in the province yesterday to start buying tickets can be purchased

Buy road passenger tickets also go to the ticket window queue? No more trouble. December 11th, the province officially opened the road passenger ticketing network. This means that only a computer or a smart phone, you can easily buy to the province where the road passenger ticket.In

in March last year, our province is included in the national first batch of provincial road passenger ticketing network system construction pilot provinces, in April of the same year in our province was officially launched online booking system construction, which lasted nearly 20 months, in December 11th this year, the province’s 29 more than three car passenger station to complete the network operation, of which 22 passenger station has been officially opened tickets online, by the end of next year, will cover the whole province 46 more than three car passenger station.

Haidong City: Huzhu county bus station, bus station, Minhe County Ledu district bus station, the bus station in Xunhua county;

: Republic of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Tongde County bus station bus station;

provide multi way ticket

I province road passenger ticket network after the opening, the passengers to buy tickets through the Internet?

A: visitors can log in Qinghai province road passenger ticket network, online inquiry and passenger station passenger service information, including the class line departure time, flights, fares, tickets and passenger information and online booking.

four ways: holding mobile devices passengers can also enter in the device’s browser, or direct search Bus365 steam;

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