Thousands of people playing with a thick taste of fire

The lion dance, dragon leaping, resounding drum, Hanchuan bursting with happiness…… In February 17th (at the beginning of the month is ten) morning, the South Exhibition Center Square exceptionally lively, scale actor has thousands of wonderful performances staged on fire, even the fire performance activities show New Year atmosphere lively and peaceful, a strong flavor of happiness.

"feel very good, embodies the characteristics of Qinghai." I especially like the dragon and lion dance, because the dragon is a symbol of China, very happy." "Very good, better than in previous years. Monkey monkey roll down, that is particularly interesting." The audience watched a fire.The biggest highlight of this exhibition

send monkey, celebrate the auspicious year. Rich and colorful, festive feast of fire is essential for Xining new year. It is understood that in February 18th (the eleven) 10:30, sunning Plaza will continue to carry out fire performance activities, the scale of the actor in more than 500 people. Performances to the beginning of the dragon dance, divided into five sections, for the public to send a festive feast of culture.

three county fire also staged a wonderful

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