To strengthen the ability of the county health supervision institutions to invest about 80000000 to

, according to the provincial health department, to strengthen the capacity building of professional public health services, improve service accessibility, is an important task to deepen health care reform this year. At present, the country has given me the province issued about 80000000 yuan of subsidies, the implementation of the county health supervision institutions and infrastructure construction of health supervision system construction of two major projects, housing construction in our province county health supervision institutions equipment supervision and law enforcement equipment, start work, strengthen the province’s health supervision agencies in this capacity building.

province’s county health supervision institutions infrastructure construction projects a total investment of 38 million yuan, mainly for the construction of health supervision office buildings at the county level, according to the county population service standard, construction area of 400 square meters to 1000 square meters. From the beginning of September, the first batch of 38 county-level health supervision agencies have started building office space. The project is to support the province’s rural health supervision and construction of infrastructure investment up to improve the most extensive office conditions. Health supervision system construction project total investment of 43 million 700 thousand yuan, mainly for the province’s 46 county health supervision agencies equipment hygiene supervision and on-site rapid detection and protection equipment, law enforcement forensics and transport, information construction equipment etc..


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