West of Xining, a private association to host the flower based skills training activities

in order to further deepen the "membership service year" activities, Xining City West District SEPEA on the morning of August 4, 2010 in the west of the city industrial and commercial bureau 5 floor conference room held by floral, skill training activities arrangement.

to participate in the training of the main members of the hotel, hotel employees and some entrepreneurs as well as flower art lovers, a total of 60 people.

west of Xining flower flower sales center Ms. Li from the flower flower development history, flowers and flower preservation, color collocation, flower type, flower hotel on the five aspects of floral, floral knowledge in detail. The site also demonstrates the art of flower arranging and free modern flower arrangement. During the training process, Ms. Li patiently and carefully answered the problems encountered by the members in flower arrangement and flower arrangement, as well as the methods and countermeasures.

through this training, not only enrich the members of the amateur cultural life, but also improve the members’ entrepreneurial skills and the ability to participate in market competition, to help more people in employment, make contribution to the development of the western private economy better.


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