Golmud hundred projects focused on the total investment of 54 billion 700 million yuan

In April 5th, Spring returns to the earth. The recovery of all things. From the park shantytowns to the magnesium metal integrated industrial park, Golmud city and outside a busy scene, 100 new construction projects in the central opened, a total investment of 54 billion 700 million yuan. This marks the start of the year, "13th Five-Year" in the provincial government reform and development work conference and Haixi state and province, the decision to deploy, Golmud stepped out to expand effective investment, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of a big step.The 100

project in Golmud city belongs to the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in 2016 the first batch of concentrated to a part of the project, the new construction projects, each 50, a total investment of 54 billion 700 million yuan, in 2016 plans to invest 14 billion 700 million yuan. The project covers seven areas, such as industry, agriculture, forestry, municipal, transportation, logistics, electricity, people’s livelihood and social undertakings. Among them, including the Saline Lake, the integration of magnesium metal tapping device revamping, including 200 MW of potash fertilizer in Qinghai thermal power plant, solar thermal tower Beijing Ruiqi 49.5 MW wind power generation projects such as industrial, power sector investment accounted for more than 3/4 of the total investment.


restart the project maturity, large scale of investment, good comprehensive benefits, has a strong leading role in the demonstration and radiation effect, Golmud city continue to accelerate the development of power conversion, effectively to adapt to the new economic norm of the exhibition, will play an important supporting role for the city, "13th Five-Year" a good start, and a far-reaching influence on the local social and economic development.

is one of the key areas of our province and Haixi development, "13th Five-Year" period, Golmud city based on natural resources, geographical advantages and development conditions, promote the supply side structural reform, cultivate the "big business" and the construction of the "base", the development of "industry" and enhance the "hub", the planning and construction of 5 a ten million industrial base, 6 industries, 7 billion million tons of products, to construct a system of circular economy industry chain.


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