Huangyuan industrial and commercial check around the campus food safety

to carry out the fight against illegal acts of selling counterfeit and shoddy goods, to ensure food safety around the campus, Huangyuan County Chengguan Industrial and Commercial Bureau for industrial and commercial schools, kindergartens and the surrounding food safety work carried out special rectification of the 459 households were examined, and achieved good results.

Huangyuan County business schools, so kindergartens around the school across the street on both sides of both sides of the gate and within 500 meters of key areas, to schools around the small food stores, liquor stores, food processing, small workshops and small black dens as the key link for inspection, banning unlicensed. Strengthen routine inspections, to strictly regulate the campus market order, focus on the supervision of food, school supplies and other goods, eliminate fake food operating behavior, remediation efforts to increase sales of students’ physical and mental health, disrupting the books audio and video products, card gambling and other illegal activities, to ensure the healthy growth of young people from harm, and put an end to the sale of counterfeit goods, the "three noes" expired, deterioration of the quality of substandard food business behaviors.

while joint efforts to increase the intensity of the relevant departments, unimpeded rights channels, announced the supervision and reporting telephone complaints. Primary and secondary schools around the campus, nursery areas around the flow of food vendors to clean up norms. Through the inspection of the primary and secondary schools in and out of the campus, the surrounding areas of the food business operators, the main qualifications and management practices have been further standardized.


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