Construction of livable city of Xining west district this year, 16 street back alley

this year, the West District of Xining city around the city building fine, fine, fine, the goal, pay attention to detail, focus on the effect, and strive to punish the 16 back alleys, and strive to build livable city.

is known as the cultural area of the West District in recent years to build the focus of the street, while focusing on the renovation of small streets. This year the University for lane, Jia Xiaoxiang, tiger Taiwan four lane 16 Beijiexiaoxiang off the wall, old, incomplete, commercial shop signs are not unified problems affecting the city landscape, to invest 1 million yuan to implement transformation of the landscape construction, commercial door wall as the main content of the environmental remediation project. Construction, highlighting the cultural elements, and effectively increase the cultural zone, beautiful area atmosphere.

in School Lane, relevant responsible person told the reporter, with Xue Fu Xiang adjacent to the Medical College of Qinghai University, guchengtai primary school, 61 kindergartens, special culture atmosphere, put forward along the road to take stone base, wall brick cornice capping the building mode, will have China traditional aphorisms take relief pattern embedded in the landscape on the wall. At the same time, adhere to the combination of graphic design and vertical design, and strive to achieve environmental remediation, cultural display and tourism and leisure as one of the results, improve the overall quality of the city.

at present, 16 alleyways renovation project has been completed preliminary design, bidding, is expected by the end of August the completion of delivery. (author: Su Jianping Xi Tao)

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