Half past four classroom parents differ

Do you need a child’s lunch? This is our wutuo class information." "We wutuo class, we have better conditions." August 27th, 28, 2009, the provincial capital is the first year of primary school enrollment time, the reporter in Xing Hai Road Primary School, the Yellow River road primary school entrance, it was a few people in the afternoon of the agency entrusted with the placement of the four or five leaflets of the advertising staff of the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the city of.

the children after school no one, so many parents worry about this. Chengdong District Community Zhoujia Quan opened a "half past four classroom, children not to go within the jurisdiction of unattended children after school, children can come to community residents, Yang Jia Xiang Zhou Jia Quan Road neighborhood, the neighborhood of the half past four classroom, a retired old proficiency in a particular line of party supervision help with homework, on the course of interest.

for the majority of working families, primary school children from school at 4:30 in the afternoon,;

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