Haidong intends to accelerate the construction of 63 major projects

to speed up the 2016 major scheduling project progress, recently, Haidong city around the municipal infrastructure and public services, ecological, environmental protection, industrial development and other new projects, were selected before June intends to start 63 major projects (including the provincial key projects 12), and according to the project schedule system, highlight the four focus of scheduling is the key link, ensure the formation of construction boom as soon as possible.

in order to improve the project coordination efforts, municipal and municipal departments coordinated supervision coordination leadership directly intervene, to the county (District) or municipal department level or more difficult to solve the problem of departments, the project construction unit shall timely report the municipal coordination leadership. At the same time, the project units shall be responsible for the major pre project feasibility study or implementation plan, construction design, county (District) government is responsible for coordinating to solve major problems within the jurisdiction of the project land acquisition, coordination, supervision of municipal project coordination department is responsible for project approval procedures for supervision and service, the implementation of related tasks. And increase the convergence of the relevant departments of the province, and actively strive for various types of special funds, multi-channel financing of construction funds to ensure the timely start of the project construction.

In addition to

, the classification of early warning monitoring of project scheduling, implementation of the "red yellow color warning system, for the smooth progress of the project, identified as" green "into the daily project management; progress is relatively slow for the project, identified as" yellow ", requires the project responsibility unit or the responsible person in 5 working days in the progress of; lag, seriously affect the progress of the project, identified as" red ", study the solution by the municipal development and Reform Commission Organization scheduling meeting.


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