Xining Youth League to join the group

The afternoon of September 16th, the Central Committee "composed of positive youth" sharing group, into the activities of Xining officially launched. Zhang Peng, founder of the museum from Beijing memory reading experience, Jiangsu City, Taizhou province pioneer pioneer of public interest, such as the 4 horses in the field of young people from different fields, such as the scene, more than 300 young people at the scene to interact with more than. Sharing will be on the scene, the members of the group to share their dreams, dreams of the struggle and profound insights, inspired by the intense desire to achieve the dream of the scene of the young people.

in the interaction, all walks of life youth through their work on learning problems in the growth of the youth, to the example of questions and share their own youth story, share members listened carefully answer, open communication, let everyone feel close to the passion of youth, dream and struggle value. It is reported that to guide young people to further cultivate and practice the socialist core values, give full play to the exemplary power typical, September 17th to 19, the Central Committee of "positive youth" share group respectively into the Qinghai National University, Haixi state, Golmud city and other places, as the base layer, the youth production line of young workers different areas of youth, about positive youth story.It is reported that

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