Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission survey shows that the province’s urban residents

recently, the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission to carry out a special investigation on the situation of the four districts and counties of the city of three residents of the winter agricultural reserves. Survey shows that due to adequate supply, convenient purchase and other reasons, the number of urban residents in Xining, less than the amount of winter agricultural reserves, reserve awareness gradually diluted.

this special investigation to urban residents in Xining city of flour, potatoes, cabbage, radish, rice, edible oil and other necessities of life reserves, reserves and in accordance with the different set of options, a total of 400 questionnaires, 392 copies of the actual survey, three counties and four districts of the employees of enterprises and institutions, community residents, laid-off workers and small stores operating businesses etc.. The survey found that residents do not have 46.3% of the reserves, the reserves of food accounted for about 9.2% of the reserves of vegetables accounted for 16.7% of the reserves of vegetables and food accounted for 27.8%. In addition, the number of households in the home town of flour, potatoes, radish and other major categories of agricultural products are not large reserves. Potato reserves in the reserves of 100 pounds or more accounted for more than half of the reserves of radish reserves of more than 100 pounds of households accounted for more than 1.5% of the reserves of flour reserves in the amount of more than 200 pounds accounted for more than 6.6% of the total.

Xining, most urban residents of the winter agricultural reserve consciousness has gradually weakened, mainly due to the improvement of the living conditions of residents, the winter home is warm, not suitable for the reserves, if large reserves of safekeeping but will cause the waste; Xining agricultural products market supply adequate, commodity rich variety, may at any time according to need to buy; although this year the price of agricultural products is higher, but the market price of good order, coupled with the government departments to actively introduce various measures, the mentality of the residents is relatively stable, more rational consumption.


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