The province’s 35 medical workers were honored

8 17, 2009, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission held the province’s "famous doctor", "intimate doctor" and "glorious angel" naming convention, He Jianqing, Ma Wenyi, Ann Magnolia and other medical workers were awarded 35. Provincial Civilization Office, provincial organs work committee, the leadership of the Provincial Health Planning Commission Award winners.

over the years, in the correct leadership of the provincial government, the majority of medical workers in the province’s health and family planning front adhere to the fundamental purpose of the people health service, dedication, dedication, conscientiously fulfill the glorious mission of life-saving, life-saving, made outstanding contributions to the circle of people of all nationalities "healthy dream", the emergence of a large number of advanced models. To cultivate and practice the socialist core values, in the province health Jishengxitong set industry model, promote the theme, spread positive energy, to further promote the learning Constitution Party rules, learn a series of speeches and be a qualified member of the Communist Party "study and education, to create health industry spirit high, according to the Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission party on the province’s health system to carry out the second" normal "doctors" intimate doctor "" bright angel "election campaign deployment, the unit recommendation, level review, expert review, party and publicity and other procedures, selected 35 industry model. The 35 example is a good representative named industry of our province health planning industry, set an example of big medicine sincere, love, is a carefully guarded model of people of all ethnic groups in the province’s healthy, our province is the banner of health workers in health.


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