The Lake District adds charm to our primary school

this autumn, west education add event – located in the Lake District Wenjing Street West District primary school enrollment was Wenhui officially opened…… It is understood that in recent years, in the west of the district government’s correct leadership and strong support and the District Education Bureau careful scientific co-ordinate the implementation, the area has a new primary school, primary school students, Xingzhi West District first kindergarten school and the kindergarten, the children to the nearest school, kindergarten crunch has been effectively alleviated, the distribution of education more and more reasonable, people’s satisfaction of western higher education. Today, the school in the fall of 2014 Eve, reporters take you into our primary school, feel the unique charm of the new school.

government investment in the new school

environment class

primary school is located in West District Wenhui Lake District Wenjing street, the school occupies an area of about 13359 square meters, construction area of about 10311 square meters. Beautiful campus environment, first-class hardware facilities. The building has 24 classrooms, computer room, speech room, music room, labor skills room, art room, calligraphy room, dance room, reading room, science lab and multi-media classroom classroom Goods are available in all varieties. It is understood that our primary school is a West District by district government investment 38 million yuan to do public primary school, started in March 2011, completed in December 2013, September 2014 officially put into use in the public primary school enrollment. The establishment of the school will further promote the healthy development of the sea lake district and the basic education in the western region, will further improve the function of the new Lake District, so that the western education layout more reasonable.

The concept of


will Wenhui primary school


bright spots are: the appointment of President Qu Jian West District Wenhui primary school. "The way out of the decision – Qu Jian principals often hang in mouth, this sentence is her school motto for many years. Years of school management made her rich experience. I believe she took Wenhui primary school this heavy burden, will be in the future, let every child grow up healthy and happy growth of purpose, development and innovation is devoted to the idea of combining Wenhui Wenhui, philosophy and school teaching perfect, formed the unique characteristics of the school Wenhui elementary school. Let Wenhui Sea Lake District primary school has become the most beautiful landscape.

"is a long way to go, I will seek." We believe that under the leadership of principals in Song Jian, Wen Hui primary school educators must be conscientious, painstaking teaching, will make every student have our happy childhood, happy life, healthy body and mind; let every teacher realize your dream and make education, students happy, parents at ease and social satisfaction.

careful co-ordination to create first-class;

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