Seminar on the construction of judicial public trust in Xining

In August 14th, the judicial reform of China’s Judicial Research Institute held a seminar on the 2012 annual conference and the construction of public trust in Xining. The judicial reform of Specialized Committee Secretary Jiang Huiling read the Supreme People’s court vice president Jing Han written speech, Chinese trial Theory Research Association vice president Gongpixiang work report, the Qinghai Provincial Higher People’s court president Dong Kaijun speech, provincial Party committee responsible person and relevant experts and scholars attended the meeting.

Dong Kaijun said that in recent years, our province firmly grasp the key link affecting judicial justice, judicial efficiency and judicial power, judicial authority, combined with their actual local conditions to study the specific reform measures. Efforts to improve the judicial system, making the review of criminal evidence rules, unified admissibility of evidence standards; the implementation of the "opinions" to guide the people’s court sentencing procedures, norms of discretion; specification of small claims case selection, trial method, perfection of the simple procedure of hearing rules; perfecting the related and minor civil and administrative litigation and judicial system, no protection the lawful rights and interests of minors in accordance with law; mediation through filing, trial, execution, appeal, petition and other links, taken before the court, after the court mediation and court mediation, court mediation and the combination of the entrusted people’s mediation mediation combining a variety of mediation, and the relevant departments jointly improve the dispute settlement mechanism, and strive to achieve the mediation first, the case is finalized, the satisfaction of the masses, social harmony, and achieved good social effects; strengthen the trial management, Adhere to the case investigation, regular analysis of trial operation, to evaluate the quality and efficiency of the trial; to promote team building, deepen the reform of the cadre and personnel system, perfect the training mechanism, strengthen the judicial ability; strengthen the information construction of the people’s court, vigorously carry out the information in the Administration of justice, judge training, case information management, application execution management, complaint management and other aspects of the National People’s Congress; improve the supervision mechanism, the basic realization of the standardization of the acceptance of the work of the NPC’s supervision and regular.

participants on judicial justice and judicial justice and other related issues were discussed. (author: hard Zheng Qihua)


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