Xining administrative examination and approval again downsizing

this year, Xining city again canceled 14 administrative approval, after years of efforts, Xining city has 7 times to cancel 443 administrative approval items, the temporary retention of 169 administrative approval, non administrative approval 25.

July 10th, the provincial capital city Liu Yun hurried into the administrative service center of Xining municipal government, I saw her first marked "labor" plate of the service desk, apply for retirement procedures, and then turned to the "birth" window about grandson newspaper accounts. Things went so smoothly, more than and 10 minutes to complete. Liu Yun said: before helping others do retirement procedures, to run several departments, and now to the service center, ten minutes to do a good job."

according to the Xining Municipal Government Legislative Affairs Office learned that the administrative examination and approval of the government and society is related to the efficiency of the people’s lives, work, work convenience. Reduction of administrative examination and approval, parallel joint, decentralization, part of the exit, is to deepen the reform of the administrative system of Xining, an important measure to accelerate the transformation of government functions. Xining city has a total of 7 times to cancel the administrative examination and approval, the cancellation of the administrative examination and approval items involving construction, health, labor, personnel, public security, justice, trade, price, technology, transportation, real estate and other dozens of administrative departments.

at the end of May this year, the Xining municipal government determined to cancel the insured enjoy treatment of inductrial injury insurance qualification "14 administrative approval items, adjust the" outdoor advertising registration "and other 12 projects (including decentralized management level 8, with the approval of the project 4). Through the clean-up work, so that the city’s approval of the project has been further streamlined, standardized examination and approval procedures, improve administrative efficiency, improve the supervision mechanism of power constraints, optimizing the soft environment of the development of the provincial capital. "Now the government restrictions and fetters less, let people work more and more convenient, take" the insured enjoy treatment of inductrial injury insurance eligibility "this is down to two or three days before the examination and approval of the examination and approval, not now." Xining citizen Lv Jun said. (author: Ni Xiaoying)

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