Tens of millions of dollars to build three-dimensional green landscape

25 reporters from the green Sector West District learned that, as of now, the west area greening work in 2012 has invested 9 million 770 thousand yuan, the implementation of the 7 city landscaping project, city environment has been further beautification, three-dimensional green landscape formation in West area.

July 25th, reporters in the newly established West District Tongren Road Triangle Garden saw, recreation of trees in the garden leisurely chat or play, the new shop blue brick spotless, several small children in the garden are playing hide and seek. Nearby residents Ms. Wang told reporters: this garden did not change before, every day was occupied by hawker stalls, a serious impact on their lives. Now the transformation is good, I will take the children to sit here every day, very comfortable."

according to the west district greening Department staff, the west area of the implementation of this year 7 city landscaping project, invested 2 million 250 thousand yuan to implement the Xinning road investment company in front of green renovation projects and five fork 54 bridge construction green renovation projects are underway, is expected by the end of July. Several other projects have been completed the delivery of these projects, including a total investment of 3 million 600 thousand yuan of Tongren Road Triangle Garden landscape renovation project; a total investment of 580 thousand yuan the Yellow River Road, Sea Lake Road and the drop of crest, tiger Taiwan Park and Lu Qing Park seedling replanting, renewal; Xin Ning Lu Street flower planting flower. 207 thousand strains of investment 580 thousand yuan; 54 new street and Tongren Road in planting flower tree pool of 100 thousand strains, 260 thousand yuan of investment etc..

in addition to the above construction project, according to the comprehensive improvement of the environment and the Green Fair and other activities of the requirements, the completion of the temporary victory on the south side of the road, South Ring Road and seedlings density the Yellow River road planting and landscape and garden landscape to enhance the longevity of the tiger taiwan. At the same time, west district also invested 1 million 500 thousand yuan, the new green attractions of the 5, these green three-dimensional sculpture for the city to add a three-dimensional landscape of Dao Liangli.


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