My vision of the people in the eyes of Eighteen Live Anjufang very pleased

"To tell you the truth, now the government is keeping me." 84 year old low assurance Jia Shanliang said, I do not have income, but not a home, the government is to send money to me, let me live in a new house."

a yellowed photos, is the only treasure. In the photo, the old man and his friends sitting on the bed, behind the red brick wall, no cement and lime brick wall, so bare. The bed against the wall, only the newspaper paste. "Is this your old house?" Reporter asked. If only I had such a nice house." "The old man said with emotion," I was the first time in Chaoyang, twenty shops in the vicinity of rental housing, and later rented in the village of Lin Jia’s house lived for more than ten years."

A, more let the old man happy is that residential property staff will often come to see him. The old man is ill, and the neighbors will send water and rice. Here, the old man is very happy. "The party has such a good policy, there are so many people who care about me, I have to live a few more years, much to enjoy." The old man said happily.Excerpts from the report


eighteen Report

* * furtherreadingThe twelve Party Congress report

continue to increase all types of low-income housing construction, strictly regulate the urban affordable housing supply management, and promote the reconstruction of rural reform, the difficulties of the masses of the nomadic population, expand the scale of construction of rural reward housing, basically solve the housing difficulties of urban and rural residents.  

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