Police express Xining police crack down on zero packet drug trafficking activities

Qinghai news network Xining City Public Security Bureau since January, have uncovered more than zero packet drug trafficking cases, a powerful deterrent to the arrogance of criminals.

January 23rd, City Public Security Bureau Xing Hai Lu police based on the clues, in the Republican road is drug trafficking suspects song captured and seized 14 packets of heroin; January 24th, Xing Hai Lu police station through the clues Mopai, in Xing Hai Lu arrested 3 drug suspects and seized 1 packets of heroin; February 28th, branch the anti drug brigade according to the clues, somewhere in the east district are trading drugs Ma Mou, seized 1 packages of heroin; in March 6th, the Yellow River Road police station, according to reliable clues in the west area will be positive to others in drug trafficking suspects arrested on the spot seized 3 packets of heroin, totaling 3 grams. Currently, these suspects have been under criminal detention according to law. (author: he arrow)



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