13 years of adult college entrance examination of the lowest control scores announced in the middle

In November 29th, the provincial admissions according to the detailed rules for the implementation of our province adult college entrance examination this year, according to the actual situation in our province this year, designated adult college admission lowest control scores.

junior college undergraduate starting point:

philosophy, literature (except art), history and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) (first level): 110.

engineering, Science (Biological Sciences, geography, environmental science, psychology and other disciplines except four):108 points.

economics, management and vocational education, biological sciences, geography, environmental science, psychology, pharmacy (except in the pharmaceutical category) and other six disciplines: 100.

Law: 140.

education category (except for the first class of Vocational Education):100 points.

Art: 140.

Agriculture: 100.

medicine (traditional Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical and other two disciplines except):135 points.

high school starting point, specialist:

high school starting undergraduate: Liberal Arts: 140 points; science: 150 points.

high school starting point of Higher Vocational College: Liberal Arts: 100 points; science: 95 points; Tibetan arts: 100 points; Tibetan science: 95 points.



2013 college entrance examination in the middle of next month to start taking

reporter yesterday from the provincial admissions learned that in our province this year, the adult college entrance examination admission work will begin in the middle of next month.

this year, adult college entrance examination time and place: December 16th to December 27th, in the provincial examination management center for admission. From December 16th to December 20th, according to the admission plan, enrollment professional volunteer candidates Toudang, December 21st to December 27th, subject to the swap Toudang admission. According to reports, before December 10th, the provincial admissions professional on-line candidates statistical number, admission system remote login username and password to register the enrollment of colleges and universities according to the professional on-line plan ahead to adjust the admission scheme, in December 15th by the Ministry of education management system online adult college enrollment plan transfer plan to adjust the professional admission scheme. Perform audit by the provincial admissions toudang. The December 24th swap not Toudang candidates. (author: Chen Jun)


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