Development of beautiful industry Tim force beautiful countryside

this year, Huangyuan county to carry out comprehensive improvement of the 7 villages, the construction of the plateau beautiful countryside, from the external environment to the living room of farmers, from the living habits of farmers to employment…… The beauty of the countryside not only to the United States in the environment, but also to the United States in the industry and the income of farmers, Huangyuan efforts to let the villagers have a good life, both the United States and the environment, and rich pockets. It is reported that
and the characteristic industry before the village in the township to build around the villa raspberry plateau beautiful countryside, the development of raspberry and rye industry focus, raspberry planting 1400 acres, 400 acres of rye, built multi storage pit, providing security for the village and farmers planting raspberries raspberries villa preservation, initially built a set of cultivation, storage and processing and sales of plateau characteristic agriculture industry group.
economic crop, Ba Yan Xiang Xia Hu Dancun increase crop industry structure adjustment, increase the characteristics of economic crops, Qingza 5, horse teeth horsebean seedling, high Xiaoqing, feed and other economic crops planting area of nearly 2000 acres, especially brought considerable income for planting 500 acres of medicinal herbs such as dangshen village temple; small Zhai Xiang temple village relies on small temple Ersenjie open-air vegetable cooperatives planting 230 acres of vegetables; Xiang Bo Hang Hang Cun wave guide breeding and other economic crops, increase farmers’ income.
– and if the country culture construction standard medicine village farming park 2, barn 25, high-quality forage to expand the area of 2400 mu, accounting for 75% of the total arable land, economic crops accounted for more than 85%, the establishment of various types of farming cooperatives 3; Sun Xiang village built pasture livestock shed 14 building, the establishment of professional culture cooperatives 2, involving 18 households; Ba Yan Xiang Xia Hu Sheng Xiang Dancun farming cooperatives Derek Grass Industry Co Ltd, the rapid development of large-scale breeding industry led farmers to operate, provide a channel for the villagers to the nearest employment income; small temple temple Xiang Village new barn 48, 1600 head of livestock; air wave Xiang Bo Hang Village and actively guide the masses to focus on the development of plateau chicken breeding.
– medicine Ping Xiang GA Zhuang Cun Hong Wen professional planting cooperatives to planting spruce, Chinese herbal medicine, of which 12 villagers planted a total of 40 acres of Chinese angelica, Codonopsis, and signed a sales agreement with Gansu medicine company, 25 villagers planted spruce seedlings, the spruce and Chinese herbal medicine planting area accounts for 30% of the total arable land temple village;

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