Huangzhong will build a plateau cultural city run Ming

two day lunar new year in February, wine fragrance Huangzhong County Lan Long Kou Zhen LAN Cun Jin Jia Mu Cangling a bustling, the dozens of experts and scholars gathered here, all kinds of folk folk activities continue to debut, the first Mu village run cultural festival held here in t. This activity aims to the intangible cultural heritage, promote cultural tourism integration, create effect, benefit, depth of the cultural characteristics of Qinghai tourism brand, the construction of Qinghai city culture run ming.

Mu village run brewing technology in our province is both unique Hehuang farming culture, Huangzhong county is the first batch of intangible cultural heritage, has 300 years of history, MOET distilled liquor products in Qinghai has a well-known folk. In order to fully exploit its rich cultural connotation, bigger and stronger the moet distilled brand, promote the integration of traditional folk culture and tourism, promote the traditional industry structure adjustment, promote the increase of farmers’ income, highlighting the Hehuang MOET distilled cultural advantages, Huangzhong county will be the production of non-material cultural heritage protection as the starting point, leveraging DOPA metro construction built in Qinghai plateau for Jiaming run television culture village as the core, radiation around 30 square kilometers of Qinghai plateau MOET distilled culture city, and strive to build Qinghai plateau culture city MOET distilled into a set of MOET distilled production shows, rural tourism, agricultural sightseeing, leisure and fitness, red culture education as one of the comprehensive tourism scenic area, make it become our province "one circle and three line" tourist products.

at present, the Qinghai plateau MOET distilled cultural city investment more than 300 yuan to complete the road hardening, tourism logo signs, village sanitation comprehensive management, rural power lines and transformation projects, commissioned by the Qinghai University to compile the planning, and actively strive for road reconstruction, Hehuang farming culture exhibition hall, the construction of pollution-free vegetable production base, agricultural circulation such a construction project. Accelerate the construction of tourism infrastructure and service facilities, improve tourism facilities, enhance the reception capacity.

the day of the festival began in full run of both the traditional flavor of ritual activities, long drinking water, new wine, wine, and other activities to meet running start, our province culture masters Teng Xiaotian and Wang Haiyan separately to improvise couplets, poems, calligraphy brush the spot, after the singer sing, passion flowers, Folk Wushu Qinghai Jiuling ditty medley, wine and other folk activities carried out in succession. (author: Ge Wenrong)

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