Tens of millions of margin forced enterprises to dust

according to the area of the construction site, demolition site, easy situation characteristics of dust pollution in the East District of symptomatic drastic action to carry out special rectification, effectively reduce the PM2.5 and PM10 pollution index.
– "carpet" examination, 165 of the region’s construction construction site at present, for the restart of review procedures 96, issued 153 copies of the rectification notice, issued a suspension notice 149 copies; collection of dust pollution margin of more than 1000 yuan, take economic forced mechanism to urge the construction unit rectification.
the requirement area 24 demolition site for wet work, do a good job in the enclosure, cover at the same time, ensure each at the time of the demolition demolition site configuration of a sprinkler synchronous operation, effectively reduce the dust pollution caused by the demolition.
– two times to minimize dust pollution caused by damaged by road, within the jurisdiction of the damaged road timely maintenance, timely maintenance, to ensure smooth drainage of pavement, road repair, completed this year, 5837 square meters, 692 square meters of brick laying sidewalks, newly built road calculus 87 meters.
– the key polluting unit area, taking interviews, fines, forced the construction site dust pollution in accordance with the five per cent rectification in place, significant effect.
– district construction sector raised funds for unmanned management Lin Jiaya, Zhu Jiaying and other 4 200 square meters of land cover and bare flat, on the road on both sides of the road greening sprinkler irrigation with bare land, and in some areas, take the "frozen" measures to reduce dust.


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