The province’s non-public economic organizations to celebrate the 95 anniversary of the founding of

7 1, the provincial non-public economic organizations Party committee held in Qinghai Convention Center, the province’s non-public economic organizations to celebrate the founding of the party’s annual recognition of the general assembly and the performance of the 95. Provincial Standing Committee, United Front Work minister Danko attended the meeting, met with the province’s non-public economic organizations outstanding communist party members and outstanding party workers, outstanding Party members of the friends of the grassroots party organizations and representatives.

, once pointed out that by units and individuals in recognition of the outstanding representative of the non-public economy in our province the grass-roots party organizations and party work support enterprises responsible person, the province’s non-public economy the majority of Party members, is to uphold and carry forward the party’s advanced model and representative. On behalf of the advanced deeds of the Communist Party of China in the new century focused on the outstanding quality and style, is the province’s non-public economic grassroots party organizations, the majority of the Communist Party members and non-public economy to learn from the example. We hope to get the honorary title of the representatives to cherish the honor, make persistent efforts to promote the province’s non-public enterprise party construction work to a new level, for the province’s reform and development to make new and greater contributions.

in recognition of the general assembly, the party · in my heart; always go with the party "as the theme of the show kicked off in the dance" spirit "drum rhyme," standing on the grassland at Beijing "" harmony "Chinese dance expressed the non-public economy people love the party, love the motherland spirit. The art show programs by cities, non-public economic organizations of the Party committee and the provincial (joint) non-public enterprises selected carefully rehearsed.


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