Xining 110 networking system into the people bodyguard

in recent years, Xining New District, shops, more and more companies, however, whether it is to live in high-end residential or open the company, the people are most concerned about the safety of nature. Now through a small probe, whether home or shop, once the thief broken windows into the house, the interior of the sensor within 3 seconds can be sent to the 110 security center alarm visual video alarm networking platform, a special security patrol quickly alarm, become people’s bodyguard".

at 3:17 on October 9th, Xining Bayi Road, China Unicom Department of burglary occurred burglary case. 110 security center visual video network alarm platform system show thieves break into the door near the display cabinet in the mobile phone to steal, the police see from the monitor screen, timely propaganda of thieves, thieves with great to deter thieves grabbed a couple of the mobile phone price is not high positions in panic and flee. Because the whole process less than 3 minutes, special security patrol rushed to the scene failed to catch the thief. October 10th, the company responsible for the networking alarm system to pay 4100 yuan in damages to customers.

is reported that at present, Xining has 282 units with the personal bodyguard". "Since the installation of the alarm system, I don’t have to keep every night in the shop, if someone came to steal it, not only the 110 security center visual video alarm networking platform can monitor, my mobile phone will prompt. (author:
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