Xining traffic police publicity and education to highlight the three themes

this year, Xining city traffic police detachment highlight three themes, the use of a variety of forms to carry out a variety of publicity and education activities, set off traffic safety propaganda climax.
to "care for life, safe travel" as the theme, focus on strengthening the publicity and education of the owners and the driver of the passenger and freight transport. Detachment and subordinate brigade through lectures, disseminate information, play the "care for life, safe travel" traffic safety special CD, carry out publicity and education of the driver, the driver advocate civilized driving, careful driving, traffic safety publicity and education so that every van driver received a system.
"refused to take the vehicle safety" as the theme, focus on strengthening the publicity and education of the masses. Fully mobilize all the forces can be launched, the development and expansion of the propaganda team. Depth of primary and secondary schools to recruit volunteers to mobilize the majority of teachers and students involved in traffic safety publicity and education, to assist the police to send information, stickers, etc.. In order to change the situation of a lone police fighting, forming a huge, with a strong appeal of the propaganda team. To refuse to take safety hazards vehicles as the theme, and earnestly strengthen the propaganda and education of the masses, enhance self-protection awareness, and consciously refused to take all kinds of vehicle safety hazards.
"to be civilized, civilized road" as the theme, focus on strengthening the publicity and education of primary and middle school students. The Department of education and detachment to strengthen coordination and cooperation, strengthen publicity and education, students’ safety travel at the same time, the student traffic safety, school bus management included the school leadership responsibility system, strengthen the management of the content included in the evaluation of. Adhere to the education of a person, the whole family to talk about the principles of safety, to do civilized people, civilized road as the theme, and constantly expand the results of publicity and education. Increase the focus on the primary and secondary education, to persuade them to not take unsafe vehicles, don’t play on the road, mobilize the students drive around the family to comply with traffic safety, to "hand in hand" effect, expand the influence, to further deepen the road traffic safety publicity, the publicity and education activities effective, full of sound and colour. To effectively improve the traffic safety consciousness of the masses and self-protection ability, ensure that the area of road traffic safety publicity effectiveness.


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