The people of Xining hit Xining city five of the most


Xining good transmission waves moving in ethnic unity, the flower in full bloom everywhere, the whole society to care for the "left-behind children", China xiadou, infiltration of bursts of scholarly spirit increasingly to the masses…… A city that Xining’s infrastructure to further improve the formation of a blue sky, green land, clear water, beautiful and people and landscape, but in the eyes of the public, the beautiful landscape of the most beautiful scenery is to harvest the spiritual wealth. Some enthusiastic people from the city of Xining to bring a new change in the selection of the "five most".

most touching screen:

Xining good little man cited great move

news playback: Shao Xiujing, Gao Zhijian, and Wu Cheng…… One by one ordinary people! A banner of truth, good and beauty! Together cast a beautiful and harmonious spirit of Xining home circle! This one evening to find out from Xining good activities in the side of ordinary people, they use the most simple and most authentic friendship and carrying the interpretation of "benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and faith", make the unusual things in common people heart, embodies the true beauty of the heart of Xining the people of Xining, focused on highlighting the good spirit. Their chastity action in the move, we are shocked at the same time, leading more people in the moral high ground spontaneous aggregation.

public comment: they are the life of ordinary people in our side, they epitomized the 2 million 220 thousand Xining people’s spirit and moral pursuit, they played a visible and tangible, learn the moral standard in the hearts of the people tree. These people are constantly emerging with selfless, great love, in the creation of the city to write a scene of the most touching screen.

most harmonious lens:

national unity flower gorgeous bloom

news playback: last December 22nd late, three police were three knife wielding robbers cut into serious injuries in the police, passing the incident of the Hui brother Yang Xi saw a bloody police, three police injured without demur promptly rushed to a nearby hospital; at dawn on April 1st this year, the Hui nationality recorded two brother Ye Ming stealing man found at the gate East District of a family home, Ye Ming recorded bravely stepped forward to stop, was stabbed two knife wielding thieves injured…… This is a touching story depicted a spectacular picture of national unity.

public comment: in history, in Xining has sung a song song of national unity, in the Han, Hui, Mongolian, Tibetan, Tu, Sala, Manchu and other ethnic composition of the family, the national unity and struggle, to each other, endowed with abundant humanistic spirit and a development the history of the brilliant, to create brilliant achievements in the history of a city of Xining, a gorgeous flower of national unity constitutes one of the most harmonious lens.

most warm action:

strands of family care left behind children

news playback: two;

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