Tailored for a Huangyuan state personnel training effectiveness

over the years, Huangyuan Tax Bureau adhere to the "tailored for students" talents, through staff training, job rotation platform, exercise promotion and other effective means, to improve the overall quality of cadres, to ensure the reasonable collocation of age, knowledge, job.

it is understood that the Huangyuan tax bureau to do the construction of talent team, through staff training and lay the foundation of the quality of personnel, to cultivate all-round talents through job rotation, to build a platform to show themselves to the talents, promote the growth of talents, optimize the personnel promotion through exercise. Today, the Huangyuan IRS 64 in-service cadres admitted to national economy, intermediate title have 5 people, the selection into the province, PUC all kinds of "talent pool" had a total of 19 people, 35 years of age into the share level cadres talent pool of 10 people. Huangyuan tax bureau of various types of talents are also often in the province, the city’s various types of competition to get good results. Talent team building, but also to promote the Huangyuan IRS revenue, tax services, cultural innovation and other work has made considerable progress. (author: Feng Jingjing snow)

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