Subsidies about 23000000 key commodities

to protect the main necessities of the market supply, stabilize market prices, to protect the people’s basic life, according to the operating characteristics of the Xining market this year, the city developed in May 2015 to carry out the guarantee stable prices for key commodities control work plan, according to the plan, to May key commodities regulation plan of subsidies will reach about 23000000 yuan. It is reported that the city will be
, for key commodities, key links, key enterprises, through the direct subsidy limit, Yijiangdaibu way, take the transportation reserve, cheap sales, clothing discount none and a series of dynamic control measures, to ensure market supply and price stability. Including: the organization of transporting 100 thousand tons of vegetables, according to the festival market and market demand to the public emergency transportation varieties of dishes, transportation time to April 15th; before and after the Spring Festival in two batches of reserves of 10 thousand tons, long pepper, cucumber chives and other fine food; transporting 18 thousand cattle, 135 thousand sheep, and time to the end of February 2015; the live cattle and sheep 1000 tons, 1200 tons of live pig storage, to May 2015. Transportation and storage of meat dishes in accordance with the principle of price in accordance with the admission (Library) price plus reasonable costs and losses after the launch. At the same time continue to carry out the winter and spring vegetable sales direct sales of vegetables.


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