Qinghai provincial Party committee twelve plenary session of the twelve opening in Xining hosted and

8 15, the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee of the twelfth plenary session of the opening of the Xining in twelfth. The main task of the conference is: to the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speeches especially "71" the spirit of the speech as a guide, conscientiously study and implement the national science and Technology Innovation Conference and east collaboration of poverty alleviation Forum (Yinchuan Conference), the current arrangements for key work.

On the morning of the

held its first plenary meeting, in-depth implementation of the national science and Technology Innovation Conference, to study the deployment of our province science and technology innovation, mobilize the whole province to accelerate the construction of innovative Qinghai struggle. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng presided over the meeting and delivered a speech on the deployment of the province’s scientific and technological innovation.

Hao Peng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee and governor of

, explained the implementation of < in Qinghai Province, the outline of the national innovation driven development strategy >, and the implementation plan (draft). Zhang Guangrong, Provincial Committee Dorje Geltan, Ma Shunqing, Zhang Jianmin, Wang Xiaoyong, Wang Xiao, Zhang Ximing, Wang Dan, Yubo, Hu Changsheng attended the meeting.

plenary session pointed out that in May this year, the central held a national science and Technology Innovation Conference, the general assembly of academicians, China Association for science and technology, the Ninth National Congress, sounded the clarion call for the construction of the world’s science and technology powers. General secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, from a strategic and overall perspective, fully affirmed the historical contributions made by our science and technology workers, expounded the significance of accelerating the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, proposed the construction of world science and technology "three step" strategy goals and five key tasks, points out the key the path of innovation driven development, is a programmatic document on guidelines for the development of China’s science and technology. The province’s departments at all levels should conscientiously study and understand, earnestly implement, firmly establish the innovation is the first power to lead the development of the concept, further thinking and action to the Central Party Committee on innovation driven development objectives and tasks of the strategic arrangements, strengthen technological innovation to promote the ideological consciousness and conscious action, to innovation the idea reflected in the whole process of economic and social development.

plenary meeting reviewed and summarized the development process and achievements of science and technology in our province, and deeply analyzed the current situation and the future situation of scientific and technological innovation. The plenum pointed out that to deepen understanding, enhance confidence, unswervingly take the road of innovation driven development. At present, a new round of technological revolution and the industrial revolution is gaining momentum, with the Internet as the core of a new generation of information technology to speed up the integration of innovation activities through geographical, organizational and technical boundaries between different regions in development conditions change rapidly, the pattern of regional development is a new round of reshuffle. Behind this change, in essence, is the contest of science and technology, science and technology under the guidance of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. Who can clearly grasp the trend, keen to capture the opportunity, firmly hold the pivotal technological innovation, who can seize the initiative and win the initiative. In the Internet, through the market mechanism and policy guidance, we can directly obtain the best intellectual support, the Qinghai R & D institutions and disadvantages of high level talents less reversed; we can directly use the most advanced science and technology;

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