These actions will affect my life

Vigorously promote the "Internet plus" action, to construct a dynamic cloud, beautiful Qinghai Qinghai industry, Qinghai people’s livelihood cloud cloud ecological happiness and harmony in Qinghai government cloud; reduce the cost of the real economy burden; further relaxation of Xining city settled restrictions; carry out the "home beautification action"; the development of the ecological environment of the most affinity of the tourism industry…… One of these initiatives mentioned in the "government work report", not only become the NPC deputies and CPPCC members of a hot topic, it has become a hot issue of the people most concerned about, these will be landing in Qinghai in 13th Five-Year during the move will bring change to the people of Qinghai for life? Evening news reporter in the province, the two sessions on the relevant departments responsible person, for the interpretation of the livelihood of the people behind the benefits. (reporter Rong Lijun)

initiatives: four Internet plus cloud brings new life[Abstract]:

[Department] line of Qinghai Province Economic and Information Committee

one after another from the "government work report" over the "cloud", looks tall on, but it is not a collection of information age but with no reality whatever, a big data, it will be a group of huge information data gathered to the network platform, the mobile phone, sent to the people on the computer. Look at the Internet plus era, "cloud" will give us what?

answers: we have three major industries, a production of agriculture, industry and the three stage of service industry, the future of our province will focus on building the vitality of the industry in Qinghai is to rely on the cloud, cloud computing, big data, networking, e-commerce technology, integrated cloud services industry public service cloud platform construction industry intelligent production of agriculture and animal husbandry, information management, wisdom Park, industry cluster construction as a whole and for finance, e-commerce, logistics and other areas.

outlook change: Industrial cloud will meet the needs of industry in our province economic management, the basic function is to achieve real-time data acquisition and the key enterprises in the province’s industrial operation monitoring, these data will form a mass of data. In the information industry and meet the market demand at the same time, it can also meet the demand from enterprises, equipment to manufacture, trading and other online cloud service, can effectively reduce production costs, improve the production efficiency of enterprises.

two things: the great beauty of Qinghai ecological cloudAnswer:

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