Xining New Year’s Day ushered in the 40 anniversary of the new round of Xining city new year round t

once a year in Xining area around the new year’s match will be held in our city, in order to create the traditional mass sports brand events, reflecting the people’s health in our city, unity, the courage to fight the good image and positive spirit of sport, enhance physical fitness means community consciousness, improve the national physical quality, I will take the fortieth session New Year’s day race as the theme, carry out assembly to the community area of Xining New Year’s race emblem, 39 years in Xining New Year’s day race photography and 40 years brilliant seminars and other activities.

it is understood that from October 23rd to November 20th, the organizing committee will be in the province to collect new year’s day in Xining city emblem. December to determine the emblem and announced to the public. The design of the emblem requires a distinctive feature of the Xining New Year’s day round, to be vivid, vivid, easy to identify and memory. The emblem of the rich connotation, to symbolize a warm, happy, healthy, passionate, meaning the people of all ethnic groups in Xining live a happy life, social stability, prosperity and so on. Should be easy to print and make models such as three-dimensional display. The design of the emblem and mascot, including the name, color, meaning, etc., the organizing committee will eventually determine the 1 adoption award, the 5 finalists award.

The new year’s day race

in addition, the opening and closing ceremonies, arrangement work has started, the entire event will fully reflect the historical and cultural connotation of the new year’s day race in 39 years, new year’s day show ring tournament brand and national fitness development results from different aspects.

New Year’s day round the city emblem collection call: 0971-8586561 (author: Ge Wenrong)


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