Xining Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of the topic of democratic life

  July 2nd afternoon, the Standing Committee of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress held a meeting to inform the topic of democratic life. At the meeting, the Municipal People’s Congress deputy party secretary, deputy director of the Standing Committee Du Shupin introduced in June 19th to 20, the basic situation of the city people’s Congress party held the party’s mass line educational practice will be the topic of democratic life.

informed the meeting of the Municipal People’s Congress Party during the meeting, Party members to seriously investigate the existence of their own four winds problem of team problems, can take the initiative to condemnation, it not only analyses themselves, also carried out mutual criticism, to the red face, the sweat, detox ", to each other help each other improve, promote each other, to achieve the desired purpose, the expected effect is achieved.

according to the Municipal People’s Congress Party in the "four winds" has to seek 42 opinions and suggestions and individual party members to seek 139 opinions and suggestions, combined with the 20 criticisms on the topic of democratic life of the Standing Committee team proposed to the members of the team, the 89 critical opinion will be based on the previous Party Standing Committee learning while the investigation and Reform on further combing seriously, investigate and summary. Combined with the actual list, set up accounts, seriously develop reform proposals, strictly implement, promote the implementation of the rectification by effective measures, to win the trust of the actual results of the rectification efforts, the topic of democratic life with good results.


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