2014 college entrance examination is about to begin

November 21st, reporters from the provincial admissions learned that the province in 2014 common entrance sign up to 20 at the end of December 10th this year (the province high school candidates to leave after the transient test arranged the time to register).

It is reported that

, registered in the state (county) secondary school graduates from the school where the trial registration, by the district admissions review; across the province (county), a high school graduate, to account for the location of the state (county) Zhaoban registration (Registration four district of Xining City, graduating students in secondary school enrollment); previous foreign graduates and school high school graduates to the account where the state and county (District) admissions registration.

province high school graduates not enroll in the non domicile; high school graduates are not allowed in the cram school or graduate school registration; foreign high school graduates are not allowed in the province for a middle school.

apply for "counterpart Vocational" fresh graduates in the school team, the school is responsible for the examinee qualification examination, by the school district and the admissions arrangements for examination; previous graduates to account for the location of Zhaoban registration.

, senior high school students in Colleges and universities; in non graduating year graduates to participate in college entrance examination; not attending academic proficiency test all subjects (before entrance examination); last year when the college entrance examination using communication tools cheating, replaced by others, or in lieu of another exam exam was identified as cheating; because has violated the criminal law was forced to take measures or in prison who are not allowed to apply for.

registration, candidates to provide residence booklet, identity cards, attending high school to prove (proof of the high school graduates, school level examination of all subjects are tested, whether normal graduation). The previous graduates also provide proof in the cram school (review at home by parents unit proof), in our province to participate in college entrance examination records (including registration, qualification, academic proficiency test in senior high school transcripts and archives etc.).

graduates qualification examination table and residence booklet from school after collecting to the police station where they are residing on examination of seals; previous graduates across the province, state, city and county high school graduates, high school graduates outside the transient qualification review sheet and booklet by Zhaoban test after collecting pay candidates to account the location of the police station review stamp. Finally, by the conclusion of the review made Zhaoban test.

candidates to the scene to take photos (no hat, half body, white background, color, document format). Not allowed to remake photos, do not paste photos, not allowed to copy the academic proficiency test library photos.

the examinee information to their academic level exam of library information, outside the high school library information, the household registration school library information check. If it is found that the photo is not the same, according to the false (fake) for processing. In the examination admission in the name (Mao Chong), who is bidding committee responsible.

The same

candidates in different areas of repeated application to cancel the qualification examination.

enrolled students must be;

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