People’s mediation out of harmony

Since 2011, the people’s mediation work in the correct leadership of the municipal government, the Provincial Justice Department concerned, under the guidance, focus on the overall situation of reform and development and the stability of the municipal government center, set up a new concept of people’s mediation, people’s mediation to build a new pattern, explore the new mechanism of people’s mediation, effectively resolve a lot of conflicts and disputes, making a positive contribution to the social harmony and stability.

[new initiatives] the city formed a point, line, surface binding, the people’s mediation organization network arranged in a crisscross pattern. Pay close attention to the industry, professional people’s mediation organizations, in collaboration with the municipal public security, health, labor, housing management, women’s federations and other departments, three counties in the four district established the comprehensive traffic accident disputes, medical disputes, labor disputes, property disputes, marriage and family disputes five professional people’s mediation committee.

[] new achievements at present, the city has established all levels of people’s mediation committee of 1396, the village (neighborhood) committee mediation committee 1070, township (street) mediation committee 72, enterprise mediation committee 168, 30 industry mediation committee, other committees 56.The overall quality of

[new initiatives] the judicial and administrative authorities at all levels to improve the people’s mediators of political and professional quality as an important task, focus on training the counties, held annually in different levels and scale. At the same time, the people’s mediators in the city carried out a wide range of post training activities..

[] new achievements in four years, the city’s people’s mediators to the development of more than 5700, 68% people’s mediators have college degree or above (high school). Four years, the city has a total of 78 people’s mediation organizations and the people’s mediators by the party committees and governments at all levels in recognition of the 215.

[] new achievements at present, the provincial standardization committees reached 1289, accounting for 92.34% of the total number of committees, to carry out the people’s Mediation Law atmosphere gradually formed according to law.

further highlights

[] new initiatives at all levels of the city’s judicial administrative organs and the people’s mediation organization within the city carried out in order to ensure the stability of the grassroots as the goal, to create non contradiction disputes caused by Dutch act events, criminal cases, group fights, group calls for content;

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