Datong County People words Gallery team to entrepreneurship by experts

League Committee recently invited, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County "people said the team out of the corridor in the chase, bring a vivid speech to slightly more than 30 from across the province’s Rural Entrepreneurship rich hotshot.

day, "people said Gallery" team member of the team, second Datong County Jingyang town Datong moral model, young entrepreneurs Gu Junlin at the meeting to tell you four different experiences out of the mountains, he entered the Heilongjiang Industrial Institute, South Shenzhen business, then back to his hometown raspberry planting career development. Listen to the province’s rural entrepreneurship has become rich youth interaction with Gu Junlin, consulting problems, understanding of the situation, the scene from time to time burst out warm applause, the atmosphere is very warm.

It is reported that this year

, Datong County propaganda department is trying to build the people preaching brand, the abstract theory into the audience love the language of the masses, to "people Gallery" in the form of ordinary people’s side through the preaching of real touching story, gathering and dissemination of social positive energy, to promote the fundamental purpose of the socialist core values. According to the person in charge of the Propaganda Department of Datong County, people talk Gallery preaching activities since the start of April, the cumulative preaching 48 screenings by the community wide concern. In the future, the Propaganda Department of Datong county Party committee will take the "people talk corridor" as a routine work, build the theoretical propaganda brand of Datong County, and expand its influence through various media.


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