Haiyan road segment closed control construction for two months

 To ensure the

of the lake district power supply and demand, according to city planning, building a 110 thousand volt substation, to Haiyan road and Wenhui Road intersection to this end, from March 12th onwards the Lake District on the north side of the roadway and Wenhui Bridge Haiyan Road, Yuen bridge will take control of sub – closed construction, the construction period is two months.

3 12 January, Haiyan road and Wenhui Road intersection to closed construction, inconvenience to public travel, also let many people have doubts. The reporter went to the site to see the Middle Road, Haiyan bridge placed a construction sign that vehicles around the field staff working in an orderly manner.

"in the lake district planning, Wenhui Bridge on the eastern side of a substation in Huangshui River, is to supply the power to the core area of the lake district. This section is now closed to the Huangshui River substation, line 110 thousand and 10 thousand volts for exit power pipe gallery." According to the Lake District Planning Committee responsible person, along the highway bridge, and relates to Wenhui Yuen bridge sea bridge. The sea bridge across the Lake District, is the southern beltway highway line, and to the North Qaidam Road, is a more important bridge, and the time is tight, time-consuming and labor, therefore, the power sector with shallow this process. And the rest is two bridges connecting the North Sea Road and Bridge Wenhui Yuen bridge construction, due to tight, so the two bridge in excavation construction, so as to ensure the Hebei coast area is affected by the minimum level. For the protection of Wenhui Bridge and bridge building in at least one of the bridge construction of smooth, Wenhui Bridge closed construction, waiting for the Wenhui Bridge construction is completed on the smooth road, Yuen bridge closed construction. Specific arrangements are as follows: March 12th to May 10th, Haiyan Road (fair road to Peach Road) north of half closed roadway 11 meters wide, the southern half set aside 7 meters wide driveway for vehicle two-way traffic, the coastal road meet Wenhui Bridge, Yan Yuen bridge, sea bridge three intersection is not closed to traffic. From March 15th to March 31st closed Wenhui Bridge, and closed East intersection of Haiyan road and Wenhui Road; from April 1st to April 16th fully closed and closed Yuen bridge, Haiyan road and West Yuen Road intersection.


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