Cosmetic shop decoration principles

choose a good shop, many owners on the issue of decoration linger, after all, different styles can bring different results, and the effect of different results directly determine the return of wealth. The following small series of cosmetics on the issue of decoration, and we together to explore.

The relationship between the seasonal difference and the decoration of the

two, the choice of decorative pictures: makeup shop with some makeup pictures as a decoration, let consumers see more beautiful, to change their desire. Of course, the picture combined with the actual cosmetics, can not paste false advertising.

three, light: cosmetics shop to choose bright lighting, such as white light. In general, the main white lights, and then according to the specific circumstances, such as your consumer groups for young women, you can add pink decoration; the object for middle-aged women, you can add a light purple. There are cosmetics, such as skin care category, can be a touch of yellow and white.

four, mirror: mirror not behoove cosmetics shop, but not too many, too many people to mirror the feeling of vertigo, this should pay attention to. For a cosmetic shop decoration design, we must do a good job in the style above, because most of the cosmetics business in the latter part of the business depends directly on the quality of the early style positioning. Therefore, the early design must be selected. In the cosmetics store design style positioning, can their past experience with the requirements of owners and designers to do design, don’t listen to the request of the owner, it should be appropriate to the customer advice, also want to make a good design to need to dare to innovate, dare to use new elements.

has considered the above factors, join a cosmetics brand, will be able to make your career quickly developed, from.

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