Ahead of the end of the first batch of Undergraduate Admissions work

in order to further deepen the college entrance examination "sunshine project", and consciously accept social supervision, the afternoon of July 17th, the provincial organization of NPC deputies and CPPCC members, students and parents and representatives of the news media reporters held the second "admissions open day" activities and early batches of admission work press conference. It is reported that in the early batch of undergraduate admissions and enrollment plan of various types of cases, by the provincial admissions staff rigorous and meticulous work, as of now has 2894 people to enroll students.

this year, our province in advance batch admission has the following characteristics:

first, the Ministry of education directly under the normal college students enrolled in free normal students completed better, with high scores. The specialty of normal school of Qinghai Normal University as a voluntary admission quota (history class highest score of 500 points, the highest score of 508 points in science and engineering).

two is a combination of precise poverty, our province "the poverty-stricken areas targeted for special admissions program" to take a single batch, a separate program, crossed alone, single voluntary reporting, separate admission, basically completed the enrollment plan for targeted poor areas, meet a large number of students admitted to key universities in agricultural and pastoral areas of desire. This year a total of 159 key colleges and universities in the poor arrangements for the recruitment of poverty special plan, as of now, has been admitted to the 919 people in the 935.

three is a good source of public security, military and national defense students continue to attract a large number of candidates fill.

four is a free medical students enrollment oriented heat unabated. Qinghai University this year, free medical students orientation program students (up to 556 points, all in the general class of science on a line with a higher score). Issued by the 200 enrollment plan is completed in a voluntary admission.

five is a special type of enrollment and other art work in an orderly, smooth and smooth, a total of 108 admissions colleges in the Qing, a total enrollment plan for the recruitment of up to now, has been admitted to the 797 person.

the first batch of Undergraduate Admissions work on July 16th -23. The first batch of undergraduate has always been the focus of the society, college admissions in "211" and "985" Engineering University is relatively concentrated, adequate outstanding students, the task is very heavy, the province Zhaoban will further enhance the responsibility consciousness, service consciousness, strict responsibility mechanism, strict implementation of admissions policies, rules and regulations, strict standards, strict the admission procedures, to ensure fairness, justice and openness, and earnestly safeguard the interests of each candidate.


, from the first batch of undergraduate admission, each batch of runback candidates to pay attention to complex volunteer time, each batch of the remaining plans and the need to fill complex volunteer candidates list, respectively, according to the original provisions of the time related information published in Qinghai recruitment information network, the examinee according to the prescribed time to complete complex voluntary admissions test. Complex voluntary and initial voluntary admission rules consistent. The names of candidates admitted to the list, behind the figures are admitted to "volunteer", such as "1, 2, 7, 8, 0"; "1" and "2" on behalf of the candidates admitted to first choice and second choice; "7" to re sign the first choice, "8" for the complex second volunteer, "0;

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