Precipitation day in our city today is about to end

reporter learned from the provincial meteorological station, affected by cold air, the city has appeared for two consecutive days of precipitation, but from today, precipitation weather process will departure from the city, the next two days will be sunny or cloudy weather.

yesterday, Xining day has been accompanied by the rhythm of the rain, the highest temperature dropped to 9.2 degrees Celsius, so many people wearing a sweater. When will this round of precipitation weather end? According to the provincial meteorological observatory chief weather forecaster Wei Shuxia, is expected today, Xining individual monitoring points will have showers, the maximum temperature will rise to about 18 degrees celsius. 17 to 18, most of the province’s precipitation will gradually end to sunny or cloudy weather.

it is understood, according to the meteorological station precipitation data statistics, May 13th 8 to May 16th 8, the total rainfall across the province in 0.1 mm to 23.3 mm, including Longhua, Delingha, peace, mutual aid, tea cards, Tianjun, Toale, Qilian, Xinghai, Tongde, Tongren, Qingshui River, Chengduo Maqin Qumalai Nangqian, Tuotuohe, five beams, Jigzhi dari, 19 meteorological stations cumulative rainfall exceeding 10 mm, the precipitation center of Longhua, the cumulative rainfall of 23.3 mm, followed by Delingha, the cumulative rainfall of 22.2 mm. (reporter Rong Lijun)


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