2013 women’s entrepreneurship employment fair held in Xining

March 1st morning, the provincial women’s Federation, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Federation of trade unions jointly organized by the women’s employment in special recruitment held in Xining. More than 70 employing units to participate in the recruitment, providing 2104 jobs, involving nearly 30 industries. The same day, 1200 people participated in the recruitment, employment and employment of the 628 units signed an employment agreement, of which 502 were women.

it is reported that the recruitment will be an ad hoc employment policy advisory services, fine arts and crafts exhibition area, women’s work achievements exhibition, for the majority of female job seekers to provide professional and comprehensive services. Reporters at the job fair to see the scene to come to consult the people flocked. Employers in detail to the job seekers job requirements, salary and other issues of concern to them. The job seekers are also compared according to their own conditions, expect a more suitable for their own good jobs. Ms. Lee told reporters to come to the job, she had no diploma, no what special skills, hope to have their own jobs, in a restaurant unit recruitment booth, her hesitation was to dispel concerns, the employer told her that the employment unit will be unified training. However, considering the unit far away from home, traffic inconvenience, and finally gave up. Job seekers come to Ms. Chen came to a Yuesao company recruitment stall, asked in detail about the treatment, the number of working hours and other issues, she made the registration. She said, "he has been busy at home, to find something to do, on the one hand can contribute to the family, one can learn something, do not always stay in touch and society."

in recent years, the provincial women’s Federation of human resources and social security department, the Joint Provincial Federation of trade unions has been held for six sessions of female special recruitment, has organized 500 domestic enterprises, providing more than 6 thousand jobs, more than 15000 women involved in the recruitment of more than 3000 of them to achieve employment through recruitment.


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