Xu Xinwu’s operation of the road

for business, different operators will have a different understanding, some people want to make money, but some people are adhering to the principle of first to do good, Xu Xinwu is so. In Hubei Jingzhou Yingbin Road, there is a small shop, faded sign 5 characters in italics — dry fruit supermarket. This is a party member for 40 years, the 62 year old Xu Xinwu retail customers shop.

hardworking and optimistic about life

20 years ago, was a private teacher Xu Xinwu, and his wife came to Jingzhou city to make a living. The first to the city, the couple are not familiar with life, but also to feed three children, the day is very hard.

Xu Xinwu borrowed money to buy a tricycle, the couple pushed the car every day selling fruit. More than 9 years of hard work, the children have grown up to take part in the work, the couple rented a window next to the temple, opened a store.

saw a good day is coming, but the two sons have been laid off, the family is in trouble again. Community residents to understand the situation, to help find a job for his son. After Xu Xinwu learned, declined the neighborhood of goodwill. He said: "the opportunity to give life more difficult for people to go, my son is robust and strong, can be self reliant!"

in the encouragement of Xu Xinwu, two sons to learn the driving skills, and now a rental, a long-distance run, although hard, but the whole family has always maintained an optimistic attitude.

business steady development of honest business

2004 Xu Xinwu, the store moved to Yingbin Road, which opened 5 with surrounding cigarette and liquor vendor, Xu Xinwu business was not small.

in spite of this, Xu Xinwu was not discouraged. He insisted from the formal channels of purchase, never recycled gifts of wine and tobacco. Due to the integrity of the business, customers feel in his shop to buy things at ease. For a long time, the store not only regular customers to patronize, also often come to passerby. Caught in the middle of a few dry fruit supermarket supermarket, there is no fine decoration, but the steady development of the business, the surrounding retail customers also admire Xu Xinwu.

When it comes to

, Xu Xinwu says, "do business first. Weirenchushi not upright, do not speak reputation, how to do business?"

business is not only the heart of the enthusiasm of the

to do business, Xu Xinwu never put money in the first place, many of his goods are to be more requirements into the goods, meager profits, some even posted their freight. The VIP feel bad, advised him "

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