JiuGongTu Malatang – how cook join

palace cook spicy hot? In our life, has been very popular, with the strength of choice. Join the palace to cook spicy hot? For the small amount of venture capital franchisee, is very wise, very powerful choice is not it?

domestic market, hot and spicy has become one of the most popular food, so now open a spicy shop, is also a very good choice. JiuGongTu cook spicy delicacy nutrition are many series, choose to invest in its brand Mala shop is very good, then open the Mala shop need to prepare what? We have to cook for example Malatang JiuGongTu to introduce


nine palace cooking spicy hot is a small investment in the brand. To join its brand needs to prepare the content is relatively simple, specific from the following aspects:

, the first store to cook Malatang to join: JiuGongTu generally need a ten square meter store, so the store rent is low, with low cost, convenient management, and it is relatively easy to store the overall operation.

second, prepared to join the amount of investment funds: Nine cooking Malatang at least about 20 thousand yuan, to ensure that the brand to join investment expenses, if the funds are relatively abundant, can open a bigger house cooked spicy stores, income will be higher.

third, business card ready: the franchisee for the relevant individual catering business certificate in business management, ensure the normal operation of the store brand after joining, it is essential for all food and beverage brands to join.

More than

, is the first to join the palace cooking spicy hot items. If you join the palace to cook spicy hot items, is also a very exciting. Why hesitate? Act quickly! Come and join us to realize our wealth

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