The staff of the Taizhou people’s Hospital of Yuhuan love to buy of Muskmelon

elderly people in general, when they are ill, they will suffer, they want to get treatment but very distressed money. People in the ward, in the heart of Taizhou melon, Yuhuan old hair lying on the bed, not worried about his body, but his land in muskmelon. The whole six acres, it is necessary to see the harvest season, but this time, old trouble down. In the hospital, he was worried all day long, not with treatment.

63 year old Mao, repeated coughing and wheezing for 20 years, recently relapse, dyspnea. His family will be sent to the Yuhuan people’s Hospital, respiratory failure, right heart failure and other symptoms.

old Mao admitted to the emergency intensive care unit, relying on breathing machine maintenance. Fortunately, after the rescue, he managed to survive.

supposedly, the condition should be happy to improve, but the nurse found the old hair is very unstable mood.

"anxious, often beat edge by hand, not with the treatment." Emergency department head nurse Yang Fangxia is worried about the old hair, specially let his wife into the ward to visit. Unexpectedly, two people meet, the conversation began saying Mao heave great sighs, crying.

nurse Zhang Zhongli asked to know, Mao family was not wealthy, this year in the vicinity of Xuanmen Bay Wetland rented 6 acres of land for Muskmelon, soon to be listed, but ill hospitalized, these muskmelon might to rot in the ground.

WeChat group for help

doctor nurse scramble to buy

ripe melon can not sell out there will be a loss." Zhang Zhongli is a warm-hearted, she found the head nurse Yang Fangxia, together with the Department of medical personnel to help.

with the help of the doctor, the Taizhou old man finally with the treatment, not worried about the melon at home. I thought at the beginning of the hospital is a blatant sideline, a question to know is to help them solve the problem section of the market." A patient said that he did not understand at the beginning, after the truth is very touched, also bought a bag on the spot.

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