Hudajie potato powder give which join the support

potato powder to join the brand selection Hudajie? Hudajie potato powder to join investment can give what kind of support? In response to these two issues, small series for the following details.

Hudajie potato powder to join?

Hudajie pink potato flavor and taste, very attractive, easy to attract the attention of consumers. Hudajie potato powder alliance is a good entrepreneurial projects. Three noes shop entrepreneurial worry: unknown fire without smoke, no large energy facilities, low labor costs, headquarters to provide a set of technology, time-saving business! Hudajie potato flour meal quickly, not afraid of peak pressure. Don’t need too many waiters. Reduce costs and increase revenue.

Hudajie potato powder to join has helped many investors to easily start, realize their dreams. Hudajie potato powder is more flexible operation, the use of online and offline two orders, the city is a potential customer. The line of profit: open Internet plus cooperation mode, the U.S. group, hungry and other online platforms, online orders, the line delivery, set up shop to double consumption relaxed hand. Hudajie potato powder to join the support, a reliable partner, decoration site on-site assessment, technical training guide, open special assistance, the promotion of extensive coverage, product development for free, the quality and quantity of material delivery.

Hudajie potato powder joined the ten support:

1, a brand logo support: Hudajie name, cartoon logo are registered at the State Administration for Industry and commerce, where authorized by the company during the contract period of the regular stores are entitled to the legitimate use of the registered trademark of our company logo right.

2, the main support of Honor: regular stores all enjoy the company obtained honor rights, including "Chinese famous snacks", "Chinese restaurant brand", "Chinese restaurant franchise famous brand", "Olympic delicacy Award", "national green food consumer brand", "national top ten enterprises assured food".

3, scientific site selection support: 20 years of brand accumulation, experienced professional site personnel for your palm "upper Sheung Shui", scientific, good location is the first step of success;

4, training support system: the company a range of technical training, management training and on-site operation training, standardization can be refined to each specific link, the system training will enable you to quickly become the "expert";

5, start the market support: mature market start mode, market strategy and all kinds of operation instruction accurate (such as storefront decoration design, marketing planning, design, etc.) to ensure easy for you to start the market, the rapid recovery of investment, long-term profitability;


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