Entrepreneurship training courses held in Zhenjiang

most entrepreneurs are the first start-up companies, but in addition to the technical aspects of the course, for entrepreneurial companies, HR talent management is also very important daily work. To this end, the Zhenjiang government specially organized public welfare training courses, designed to provide help for the management of the workplace fresh people.

pro, you want to be a guest? Do you want to create a "creative space"? As an important course in Zhenjiang youth hit off school arrangement of Zhenjiang municipal Party Committee United professional consulting companies held Fourth Youth Employment excellence public training courses next month to start. Prior to this, the two training courses have been completed two projects are in the process of implementation.

it is understood that the public training courses, with the enterprise administrative HR comprehensive management personnel as the main direction of training, using the methods of theoretical study and practical combination, to teach students occupation career planning, occupation attitude, effective communication, time management courses. Through teaching, training, tutor and other forms, and effectively improve the ability of the administrative HR practitioners, for the enterprise to develop practical comprehensive management personnel.

it is understood that the public training has been carried out in fourth, before this, has about 100 students from the training course. It is understood that in the end of the two training sessions, a total of two projects landing". Professional consulting project director Zhao Lanxue said, a project is a project by the tutor is fast, and built a central kitchen to provide financing for the fast-food consumer; another project is the model aircraft, aerial project, by entrepreneurs to invest not less than 200 thousand yuan, hit the industry by making model aircraft, aerial photography, can for business, wedding, photography and other services.

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