Fast food franchise points

how to manage a fast food franchise? Many businesses have expressed their views, many people believe that the need to provide a variety of rich, some people think should do a good job of routine management. In fact, these points are very correct, specific analysis, please look at the Xiaobian together.

for operators, the main products, both to reduce the workload of the kitchen and can concentrate on the main products more features. In addition to pasta and noodles, pasta and Steamed Rice series, can be produced in batches well in advance, as western fast food, the customer ordering can take meal, not only let consumers feel fast, and can let the store business does not seem confused, let the business process becomes a tight. Of course, if enough, can also operate in main varieties, and other two kinds, but the operator must grasp the "degree", can not let the auxiliary products dominate, do not make the store in a category, so that consumers at a loss.

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