No money how to do business in Jilin business loans issued

although many people have the idea of entrepreneurship in life, but because of the reasons for the shy, leading to their own business plan has been delayed! Venture guarantee loan is an important preferential policy to support entrepreneurship, promote employment and solve the people’s livelihood issues. Recently, the Jilin Provincial Department of human resources and social coordination of the people’s Bank of Changchun Center branch, the Provincial Department of Finance issued the "Jilin province business loan guarantee implementation measures" (long hair 2016 No. 279), the future of Jilin province business loans policy support beneficiaries is wider and lower loan threshold, higher gold content and support more.

it is understood that the implementation of the approach in the individual business loans secured by the upper limit of 100 thousand yuan increased to $200 thousand. Partnership entrepreneurship or organize a joint venture loan limit increased from 1 million yuan to $2 million. Enterprise loan limit of 4 million yuan. Loans to individuals from the original 2 years to expand to a period of 3 years, after the repayment, still need to support, you can continue to apply for no more than 2 years of venture capital loans.

also expanded the scope of the implementation of the support. Support objects include registered urban unemployed, employment difficult personnel, veterans, demobilized personnel, after the release of college graduates (including college-graduate village official, returned students), migrant workers, businesses, to resolve the overcapacity of enterprise workers and the unemployed, participatory poverty population.

enterprises to expand the scope of the provisions of the state by Small and micro businesses for small and micro enterprises, the larger and more absorb employment and promote employment more obvious effect of medium-sized enterprises, can also get business loans policy support. Implementation of the procedures for the cancellation of personal loan contract notarization and other procedures, enterprise application materials from 13 to streamline the application of the material, the personal application of the material from the 6 to streamline the project for the first 5 items.

venture no money how to do? Jilin business loans issued, for the majority of entrepreneurial people, this is undoubtedly a welcome rain after a long drought of moisture! At the same time, the next step, Jilin venture capital loan work will be combined with the implementation of a positive employment and entrepreneurship policy, through credit support to promote more entrepreneurs to achieve employment re employment. In addition, on the road to entrepreneurship, providing the , WeChat consulting, materials download, application and other services for the procedure more convenient and quick.

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