At present, rural electricity providers face three big dilemma

talked about the role of the network for economic development, it can not help but mention electricity supplier, e-commerce has been very mature. However, China’s current rural electricity supplier is still in the stage of learning, there are a variety of problems to be solved.

1990 was born in Lv Yajuan, young, gentle, after graduating from college, before returning home to start a business, he was doing a good job in Hangzhou seems to others.

and she is currently experiencing some difficulties, perhaps is the rural electricity providers generally need to solve the problem.

to a brand, but not enough manpower

and many people return home, Lv Yajuan combined with the local characteristics of the industry and the horse Xiaocun geographical advantage, choose entrepreneurship. And her family runs a business – Lu food factory, look her business with the congenital advantage.

although the past two years, the rural logistics situation has greatly improved, but generally speaking, because the amount is not large, due to the cost of the horse Xiaocun is not among the four largest logistics company resident area.

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