Guangxi printed cards to be released to the public free of charge

Guangxi printed poker wanted, printed with 248 fugitive information, and free to the masses of playing cards. Hope that this can promote the arrest warrant information to encourage people to report relevant information.

248 human information is made into 5 cards

1 10, Guangxi County, Binyang police in the local garden square to the public to play poker wanted. Prior to this, the poker version of the arrest warrant on the local forum caused heated debate, the masses are very concerned about this. Binyang County Public Security Bureau staff to the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, issued the same day the rain is not small, but did not affect the enthusiasm of the people, not long after they sold 3000 cards.

these fugitives involving varies widely, from a few million to thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars. Police will be the 248 men were made into the information of the 5 cards, a total of 270, of which there are 22 people repeat the information. Each set of 5 cards, a total of 3000 sets of printing, the 15 thousand cards. Has not yet issued more than 10 thousand sets of cards will be in entertainment places, towns, especially some key villages have been issued.

cards wanted is not Binyang’s first

will warrant cards is not made of Binyang police initiative. 2012, the Guangzhou police released poker recommended

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